A Brief history Of The Valves

The valves are very popular and widely used in industrial processes and in our everyday lives. We know the stoves used for LPG and tap water for our daily use. And given the different machines, such as gas engines, compressors, pumps and vehicles, vital parts are valves.

With the development of technology and Smelting hydraulic machines, the plugs are replaced by the copper cap in Europe. 

With the wide use of the boiler, the lever and a safety weight came into being in 1681. In addition, the invention of the vessel steam conduit that is applicable in the mechanical industry. 

We are global quality distribution center that provides the valves with a threaded stem and threaded rod which is invented trapezoidal to adapt to working conditions increasingly complex.

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Generally, these are the devices used to control the flow, the pressure or the flow direction of liquid, gas, gas-liquid mixtures, or solid-liquid mixtures. It usually consists of the valve body, the cover, the seat, the lifting parts, the drive mechanism, gaskets, and fasteners.

Depending on the function, the valves are divided into six categories: cutoff valves, control valves, control valves, valves division, safety valves and valves with multiple uses. 

And undoubtedly, the safety valves are designed in consideration for safety in the work process. Finally, multipurpose valves are valves with more than one function.

It is wise to choose the appropriate valves based primarily on the review of specifications. Each type and material has its advantages and disadvantages. Think twice before making a decision. And with the rapid development of the modern nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, electronic industry, and the aerospace industry, the demands and requirements for valves keep getting more.

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