Seafood – The Healthy Alternative

Seafood can be purchased either fresh or frozen. By freezing fresh seafood can be shipped across the world so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy fresh seafood that they might not otherwise get to enjoy.

Sea unsaved at or below 39 degrees may not be safe to eat, so if you are not sure whether it's good or not, discard it. When choosing to purchase fresh seafood be sure and check it out thoroughly to make sure it is fresh. You can also look for best seafood restaurant in Sydney.

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One thing to look for is to make sure the eyes are not bulging, but obviously not. A very important fact to remember is that although the seafood, it should not have a fishy smell it.

The most popular way to cook seafood is wrapped in foil and placed on a barbeque grill. This seems to give the best flavor possible. If you do not cook all seafood that has been thawed, make sure you remove any remaining. Seafood can never be refrozen.

Some fish contain omega-3 oils which help stop certain disease, and assist in relief cure some diseases. Most all seafood is high in protein and low in fat, with the exception of a few, like an eel.

Seafood has been linked in helping the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, and to assist in the prevention of breast cancer.

There are many health benefits of eating seafood. Clams and mussels add zinc and iron to your body. Seafood also contains iodine, which is good for your thyroid. Had a seafood diet is a smart and healthy thing to do.

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