How To Choose The Perfect Airbrush In 2020

If you’re searching for the right airbrush kit, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes down to finding the right tool, there are way too many options, features and brands that can make this choice a little bit overwhelming.

First of all, you should figure out what you’re going to be painting! There are many possibilities when it comes down to spray painting: Spraying cars, resin figures, clothes or even airbrushing makeup!

Features to take into account:

The brand: Some of the best manufacturers are: Iwata Airbrush, Badger Airbrush and Paasche Airbrush.

Internal mix vs. External mix: Usually you want to choose internal mix, unless you don’t mind grain or don’t need fine details. External Mix means the paint is introduced to the air stream’s side and the spray pattern will have a O or D shape.

Dual Action vs. Single Action vs. Trigger Action: Generally, you want to go for the dual action airbrush as most techniques are based on this mechanism. Single action always spray the same amount of fluid and trigger action airbushes work like spray guns.

Gravity feed vs. Siphon feed vs. Side feed: The gravity feed will be your go to option. It’s economical and you need less paint and pressure to work. The siphon pulls the paint to get atomized. It requires more paint but they works quickly. The side feed is useful when you need to spray upside down but the accessories require a larger budget.

Paint: The result will variate depending on the paint you’re using:

-Watercolors: Water based, transparent and can be reduced with distilled water.

Gouache/Tempera: Water based but with a white pigment that makes the end result more opaque.

Acrylics: Can be opaque or transparent.

Oil Paints: Solvent based paint that can be thinned out with turpentine.

If all else fails – Here’s our top 3 best airbrushes

1. Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CSĀ Master Airbrush

Iwata makes great quality brushes and this model is no different. The Eclipse HP CS is one of the most popular tools used by artists in small or larger projects.

Pros: Easy to use, clean and maintain. It is built with stainless steel and a polished chrome finish. It features dual functionality and is equipped with a 0.35 mm needle. It holds .30 ounces of paint.

Recommended for: Artists that want an all over tool that can be adapted for different projects.

2. Paasche TG-3F

Paasche is a Chicago based airbrush business that gives you great value for the price you pay.

Pros: It is built with a chrome-finished stainless steel and an anodized gold-toned aluminum back handle and cup lid. It holds 0.40 ounces of paint and comes with different spray heads.

Recommended for: Advanced users that appreciate the uniquely-sized spray heads and extra goodies.

3. Badger Patriot 105

The Badger Patriot 105 is an appealing due to the low price and the one-year warranty.

Pros: Low price, 0.30 ounce cup and double action functionality and a .50mm needle.

Recommended for: Beginners and profesional artists that want a good quality basic airbrush,

If you have any questions about our recommendations, feel free to visit our website SprayingTools

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