Direct Cremation- An Honorable Choice For The Budget Conscious

Death is one of the things that most people do not want to think about. This is something that you cannot escape, so when it comes time to plan your own end of the service life or if you are planning another end of service life, you may actually suffer from sticker shock. The fact is that the funeral costs have gone up, and most people are not sure how they would be able to pay for services that would honor the deceased while not breaking the bank

If you are looking for an honorable way to have a funeral without all the costs that will allow you to go bankrupt, you might want to think about inexpensive straight burnings or direct cremation. A direct cremation is different in that you do not have a body ready to see and will not be buried. It is these costs that often add to that total jaw-dropping.

In case you choose personalized funerals you need to maintain costs for things like embalming, Cost coffin, The staff and facility costs, church or funeral home fees and Headstone etc…

As you can see, there are many expenses that you pay when you choose traditional burial will quickly add up and break the bank. Many people think that to truly honor the dead that they should have the best of everything. However, this did not happen.

You can choose to go with a direct cremation and you will still be able to have a beautiful memorial service. It is still possible to have a gathering of friends and family to come together to remember the deceased and share positive memories.


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