How Should You Prepare For A Colonoscopy Procedure

A colonoscopy is a procedure which helps you prevent or spot colon cancer. The only problem is, many individuals decide not to take one even when they need to. Often reason is because they are too afraid to what could happen. If you think that you need a colonoscopy in Conway, talk to your doctor and consider what is best for you.

The colon must be emptied out and cleaned in order for the doctor to look at your colon. In order for that to happen, you must undergo into fasting and make use of a strong laxative beforehand. This might be inconvenient and unpleasant, but keep in mind that this is only temporary, and such procedure could save your life. The following below will make the process smoother.

Plan out your preparation. Your personal doctor can give you tips on how to get ready. Also, once you make a schedule, you will be provided with instructions. Make sure you read carefully read the instruction before the appointment date. Verify the things that you did not understand by calling your doctors.

Clear out your schedule the evening before the schedule and the schedule day itself. Plan out who among your loved ones should go during the colonoscopy with you. Having someone around will help you stay calm and composed. You have someone to help you with things as well. You also need to shop for supplies like low fiber food, a prescription, juice, diaper cream, and moist wipes.

Change your diet. To make the cleansing process easy, eat light three to four days before. Doctors would recommend you to eat foods with low fiber that can be easily digested such as pasta, white bread, rice, skinned and well cooked veggies, fruits without seeds and skin, eggs, chicken, lean meat, and fish.

Avoid eating food like nuts, seeds, popcorn, whole grains, tough meat, fatty foods, raw vegetables, corn, cabbage, beans, peas, broccoli, fruits with peel or seeds, and fatty foods. You should also stop taking your vitamins and other supplements. Talk to your doctor to know whether you need to stop taking your daily prescriptions.

Fast. You are not allowed to eat any solid food the day before the scheduled colonoscopy. The only thing you can consume are clear liquids. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking tons of liquids like clear broth, white grape juice, apple juice, and sports drinks. It is okay for you to drink soda, tea, and coffee, but make sure there is no cream on it.

You may also have ice pops and gelatin, just stay away from ice pops and gelatin that are colored blue, purple, or red. That is because the dyes present can discolor your colon lining, making it hard for your doctor to see. Remember, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything 2 to 4 hours before.

Purge. You need to take in some strong laxatives the night before to clear up the digestive tract. Most people recommend the split dosing method. This means, you must drink half a gallon of laxative in liquid form during the evening. Drink another half a gallon six hours before. You may not like the taste of it, so try mixing it with flavored drinks like sports drinks and put it in the chiller.

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