Can Liner Bags Different Colors And Uses

Garbage bags or trash cans are disposable plastic bags that are used to store unwanted materials. They are made of plastic for use that is durable and efficient and even comes in a variety of colors.

Apart from the usual idea that they are only made to arrange waste, it is also good to realize that they can hold other materials and that their varied colors indicate their use.


The garbage bagmay be one of the few things that we hardly realize every day unless we run out of the house and recognize its importance.

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They are a friendly solution for proper daily disposal of household waste such as food waste or dirt. But they are not only useful for housewives, housemaids or janitors, they are also equally important for industrial and commercial purposes to carry debris and maintain a clean environment around.

Trash cans are used to coat the inside of the trash can to prevent the inside from being surrounded by garbage.


Trash cans or bins usually have different sizes and thicknesses to fit any size bin, but it also appears that they come in various colors.

However, these colors are not only made to make garbage look aesthetically good for the eyes. The colors also function as a sign to arrange the trash that should be inside.

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