Importance of Traffic Light Control Systems


Everyone knows the different light colors of a traffic light. Red means to stop, yellow is to wait and green is a go. The existence of traffic light is important as nobody can predict the outcome on the road. That is why, safe driving is important. Additionally, warning signs and signals are now being placed on the road to avoid any form of accident.

When you see a traffic light pole, many of us don’t actually know the meaning of it. To start off with, traffic lights or signals offer control to road intersections allowing people to drive or ride on the road safely. The main function of a traffic signal or light is to give the right to those by controlling the traffic movements. This allows other traffic signals to work in timely manner allowing the other passengers to go and wait for the others to pass by easily. However, based on the location, adding a traffic signal with bare minimum traffic makes less sense.

However, when it comes to larger intersection areas, traffic signals allow the movement of the traffic in a specific manner. This adds safety and efficiency to the vehicles and pedestrians using the same road.

These are some of the importance or advantages of traffic light control systems –

  1. During heavy traffic, traffic signals allow vehicles and pedestrians to cross the road in a safe manner.
  2. At a certain speed, traffic signal allows the traffic allowing cars and pedestrians to use and give way to fellow cars and pedestrians.
  3. At heavy traffic intersection, the capacity of handling traffic increases.

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