How To Apply Tourist Visa For Foreigners

Many people nowadays love to travel, especially the millennials and generation Z. This thing is one of the goals in their bucket list where they want to experience the life of being a local in a certain country. Asian, especially Southeast Asian, countries are one of their tourist destinations. Here, we are tackling how to apply Vietnam visa for foreign tourists.

Do note that Vietnam is one of those countries that has visa on arrival. Literally, this means they can get the visa upon arrival at the airport. The country has implemented a much easier application for their visas. That is because they do online application at the official tourism office and travel and tours websites.

This online service will run 24/7 every week. Their support can be prompted by either email or phone call. They process all applications within a few hours or a maximum of two days. In the event that an applicant gets denied, they will guarantee the refund for the fee he or she paid for.

There are four steps involved in this application process. Many travel and tours companies and even fellow travellers will recommend that they apply online since it is more convenient to do. In addition, this is simpler, easier, and quicker. However, if the foreign national chooses to go to the embassy for the application, then they may do so.

First step is to fill the online application form. Here, they are required to give their full name which should be the same as their passport. Other personal information is date of birth, nationality, and country of origin. They will also get passport number, type of visa they are getting whether tourist or business, and date of arrival.

Second is to confirm the information and pay via major credit and debit cards such MasterCard, Visa, and American Express. They also accept payment transactions from their PayPal account. Another payment method is going over the counter money transfers with Western Union.

Third is to receive and print out the approval letter. The company will send this via their email addresses within one business day for rush applicants and two for regulars. They need to print this in full color if possible. After, they have to prepare two passport photos sized four by six centimeters, as well as the stamping fee of twenty five USD.

Fourth is to have the VOA stamped at any international airports of Vietnam, Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh. Also, they need to fill in the entry and exit form there. To make this process faster, they can download the form at official websites. This way, they only need to present this, the approval letter, passport, two photos, and cash payment.

With this, they can enjoy the benefits of VOA. One is that this is true and legitimate since this is recognized by the Department of Immigration. It is also cheap since the online fees are lowered and afforded by aspiring tourists. This is also fast which is good for emergency situations that have occurred to their relative or friend staying in Vietnam.

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