How Mobile Application Development Can Generate Positive Changes?

Technology has shown how it can usher in social change: the revolution in Egypt owed a lot to Facebook. People were able to connect and express their thoughts online; Facebook gave them a platform to group together and speak out their minds. In the same way, smartphone apps have not just created waves in the field of entertainment, media, business, utility, and games: there are many mobile apps that work towards bringing about a positive change in the society.

Many companies involved in Mobile Application Development, and a number of committed individuals, have developed mobile apps that promote diverse social causes. The following is a list of mobile apps that have helped improve the lives of millions:


This app was built with the purpose of convincing corporations to do their bit for social causes. The users of this app go to the stores of the corporations and scan their products with their phone cameras. In return, the corporate sponsors make donations to the causes specified by the app users. You can visit to know more about mobile application Development Company.

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This app is supported by a vast database which has important information on over 65,000 products. This app lets you know how a particular product will impact the environment by revealing the producer's health impact, green factor, and social responsibility. Install this app and make sure that what you are buying is not wreaking havoc on the environment.

Eco Hero 

The Sierra Club is known for using Mobile Application Development to combat social problems and generate public interest for issues that affect the lives of millions. Eco Hero has a proactive approach and it asks its members to take pledges that will help America reduce its dependence on other countries for its goods. The pledges may be as simple as promising to walk and bike more.

Touch to Give 

This mobile app is similar to the e-mail forwards that persuade people to visit a particular site and donate money for a worthy task. It is run by The Hunger Site and urges the users to make donations for different causes. You can help hunger, breast cancer and animal rescue operations using this app.

Give Work 

A perfect example of mobile application development bringing positive change through technology, this app encourages people, not to donate money, but to give work to people in underprivileged nations. Using this app you give work to refugees in Kenya and elsewhere, who work on short onscreen projects.

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