Know More About HIFU

HIFU is a healthcare process that uses ultrasound waves to eradicate tissue that is usually hard to reach, such as the tissue in the prostate gland. When used to take care of prostate cancer, HIFU finishes the whole prostate gland by heating up and ablating the tissue using ultrasound waves.

The first step in having HIFU treatment for your cancer of the prostate is determining if you qualify for treatment. If you want to know more about HIFU treatments, then you can also browse

Find a urologist who is well known with HIFU and works with clinical trials or international treatment locations to go over your case.

You will need to inform the doctor of your recent PSA, Gleason score, the size and volume of your prostate and any therapies you have already tried. Other factors will be considered as well, which includes the patient's age, overall health, and the spot of the prostate tumors.

At present, there are two ways to get HIFU therapy. The first is to seek out an open clinical trial in your area. Among the better urologists in the country regularly travel to these clinics to perform HIFU. The treatment centers will help patients find accommodations to use before and after treatment.

Since therapy with HIFU is an outpatient procedure, most patients are able to travel to the treatment center, receive the therapy, and return home in just a few days. Follow up with a urologist in the states is advised after HIFU treatment.

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