Is article marketing a good strategy?

So you are now afraid of article marketing? To start with, let me tell you a little about article marketing.

Article marketing is an internet marketing technique that is widely used to promote web pages as well as businesses. People usually contact companies that offer SEO content writing for article marketing and article submission. A single article is submitted to several different article directories. Thus generating backlinks as well as traffic.

So is this a legal marketing technique from search engine's point of view?

Well, it is not. In fact, it has never been a healthy backlinking technique. However, if you are submitting articles solely for the purpose of information and to generate direct traffic, then it is acceptable. Otherwise, I must say, article marketing is a poor backlinking technique.

Most of the search engines, Google, in particular, do not like duplicate content. So if you have submitted a single article at 100 different directories. Only one of them will be indexed by search engines. And you do not have any control as to which article should be indexed by a particular search engine. On the other side, if you are submitting articles for the purpose of brand awareness and/or for direct traffic, then it is a good strategy.

It is time to rethink and redefine your marketing strategies before it gets too late.

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