The Abs After 40 Workout Can Help Men Turn Belly Fat Into Abdominal Muscles

Abs After 40 is a unique fitness program developed by Mark Mcilyar, designed for men over the age of 40 who want to achieve a trim core with defined abs. Mark spent years following various fitness routines, failing to achieve his desired results, until he realized that most online workouts and instructional programs are geared specifically towards younger men.

The problem for males over 40 is that their bodies start producing less testosterone in their late twenties or thirties. A deteriorating hormone system has a negative affect on the ability to add muscle mass and burn off body fat. In addition, it can become harder for men in this age group to make exercise a priority, due to work or family obligations. Plus, the lack of quick, noticeable results may convince them that they are simply too old or out of shape to achieve their goals.

Abs After 40 includes a hormone rejuvenation plan specifically customized for men over 40, to help increase natural production of testosterone. It contains instructions on how to modify eating habits to help bring a man's hormones back into balance. The program also provides a workout routine involving compound movements with free weights. This type of resistance training is crucial for weight loss, because it helps build muscle mass, which in turns increases metabolism.

The 3 phases of the program are as follows:

1. Fat Loss Jumpstart

2. Male Hormone Optimization

3. Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode

If you're a male in this age group, Abs After 40 could be very beneficial in helping you burn off belly fat, and create more defined abs. This will lead to increased energy, confidence and passion. The TribalCMS Abs After 40 review explains how the program will also help you revitalize your body to overcome past injuries, and fight off illness. It's never too late to develop those six-pack abs!

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