Top Multiple 18650 Flashlights

Torch throw

To my mind, Thrunite TN32 is the best multiple 18650 to purchase. The torch has six modes and a strobe mode, which you readily interchange by the use of a selector ring, that is easier to use and changes to different levels much quicker than a tail cap switch.  The flashlight throws light up to a maximum of 2,854 feet by the use of three 18650 batteries as power source. Apart from being made of aircraft grade aluminum and having an impact resistance of up to five feet, the light has a streamlined design body for ease of holding, hence suitable for, military personnel, survivalists and law enforcement. It gives you 0.6 lumens for 1920 hours and 1702 lumens for one and half hours at low and high setting respectively.

Flood budget

If you do enjoy using Thrunite TN30, then you should consider buying TN30 MINI. The flashlight is designed ergonomically, making it easier for you to use with one hand besides being small like a soda can. It is among the brightest LED flashlights, due to the presence of three XM-L2 emitters. The torch works in six different modes, by the use of four 18650 batteries. Also, the flashlight features an electronic metal switch, which controls the temperature and prevents it from overheating. The light gives 0.4 lumens for 2352 hours and 3200 lumens for 3.9 hours at low and high setting respectively.

Throw budget

If you are interested in a multiple throw budget flashlight, Olight SR52 Intimidator is the best. It has a small body but gives you more lumens. The torch offers you with three different brightness levels and a strobe mode. Besides being powered by three 18650 batteries, it has a power indicator, to notify you when the batteries are running out of power. Besides, it has an excellent lockout feature to prevent accidental activation. According to you can charge the flashlight with ease while traveling, as it recharges internally with the use of a micro USB. It uses a CREE XM-L2 LED beam, and up to 2,100 feet apart from being waterproof for six and a half feet. It offers 100 lumens for 40 hours and 1200 lumens for 4 hours at low and high settings respectively.


If you intend to buy a flashlight for flood reasons, Niwalker Nova MM15 is the best option for you. Apart from giving three brightness levels, the flashlight features a turbo, SOS and strobe modes. The light is a flood champion due to the presence of two CREE MT-G2 LED emitters. Besides, it has a side switch that enables you to access the modes, powering on and off the light and activation of the momentary. Although it is small in size, it emits much light by the use of four batteries. As most of flashlights reviewed here, it also has an LED indicator, which alerts you when to recharge the batteries or change to a lower output mode by changing colors. It is made of aircraft grade aluminum and anodized with a hard coating to give maximum wear and an impact resistance of 5 feet. It offers 6 lumens for 100 hours and 5233 lumens for 3 hours at low and high settings.

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