Cannabis And Psychosis: Things To Know

A study published in The Lancet argues that an unspecified "skunk cannabis", which is said only that "it's very powerful", could triple the risk of onset of psychosis in those who uses it. In fact in a study in which were analyzed 410 cases people experiencing psychotic episodesthe authors found that people who smoked skunk every day were more likely to develop psychosis than those who did not use. Conversely, people who smoked hashish every day were not more likely to develop psychosis than people who have never tried cannabis. This means that smoking cannabis with a high THC content can cause psychosis? Scholars admitted that cannabis is the cause of the onset of psychosis, they calculated that 24% of the cases examined could have been avoided if they had not consumed skunk.


However, recent studies have shown that cannabidiol (CBD), may be protective against psychosis. As explained by the researcher Suzi Gage in the Guardian, this new research is an important step on the road to understanding the nature of the association between cannabis and psychosis, but again the exaggerations of the media risk undermining the message that instead could be useful. Just in the same way that a pint of abeer is likely to have an impact on health other than a pint of vodka, the same could be true for the skunk compared with a common type of hashish. To know which the best types of medicinal cannabis are, visit Chalice LLC, Dundee

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