The Theory Of Cancer

Human body is composed of millions and trillions of cells. These cells are fundamental units of all our body organs. Every day millions of new cells form, grow and cells that get matured die own their own.

Cancer is a disease wherein the cells divide without any control and behave abnormally. These cells invade several tissues & spread to other body areas via blood and lymph systems.

Unlike normal cells, cancerous cells continue to develop and divide & do not die timely. The cancer cells clump together to form tumors and harm the healthy tissues so badly. After that, cells separate through original tumor, go to other body parts where they keep on growing and form new tumors. This process of spreading tumor in new area of the body is known as metastasis.

There are different types of cancers that people suffer from. If cancer is caught on time, it can be treated easily with the help of several techniques and treatments developed by the experts. Today two types of treatments are followed to treat cancer successfully – Conventional & Natural. You can read about such methods via

The natural cancer treatments or alternative ones are those in which natural herbs, substances and therapies are used. Internet is best source for getting knowledge on such topics.

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